Providing business and professional SMF hosting

Client Policies

This document contains a basic Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service.
"You" refers to the account holder.

1. Forum Content
Content can NOT include the following adult, hacking, cracking, warez, copyright/trademark infringement using the forum system to send and any other illegal content. If this content is found your account will be closed and no refunds shall be given. The forum content belongs to the account holder and the account holder is responsible for the content.

2. Use of Resources
Sites hosted at SMF Pro should use the server resources in way which does not strain the server. If you exceed your bandwidth limit your site will be suspended for the rest of the month. If you site keeps getting suspended it may be best to upgrade to a larger bandwidth plan.

3. Uptime Policy
We try our best to keep the forums up and all time. But do not offer have any guarantees of uptime. SMF Pro will attempt to keep your forum at least 99% uptime. Sever maintenance which would require downtime will be notified in advance. Emergency security patches may receive no notification of downtime, in order to get the patches applied as quickly as possible.

4. Security
Sites should be maintained with the latest versions of SMF and mods. Sites that are found to have older versions of the software in which flaws exist will be notified to be updated. To keep informed of the latest updates to SMF signup at the forum and watch the announcements forum.
Account information should be kept in a secure location and should not be shared with anyone else.
Accessing another personís account information is against our policy and will cause your hosting account to be terminated.

5. New Accounts
New clients to SMF Pro will be setup within one business day. An email will be sent to the email address used during signup with your account information. If your account still has not been setup after one business day contact us.

6. Domain Names.
A new client to SMF Pro is given a subdomain in the form of "". If you would rather use your own domain name you can contact us and we will set it up. Use of your own domain requires you to point your domain name to our domain name servers.

7. phpMyAdmin
phpMyAdmin is for advanced users who have some knowledge of the SQL language. Be careful when editing your database it could cause your forum to stop working. When using phpMyAdmin for complex queries we advise you to put your forum into maintenance mode and create backup of your database. Then run the queries. Another option is to use the SavePoint and Rollback functions of MySQL.

8. Refund Policy
All payments made to SMF Pro are non refundable. To cancel a hosting package login into the members control panel and click the cancel subscription button. If you cancel your files will be deleted in the next billing period.

These policies are subject to change and you should check back every now and then to see if they are updated.